Sokol Park lighting upgrade is on the way

Sokol Park 2

By WVUA 23 News Reporter Valarie Bracken

Sokol Park’s North and South fields are getting closer to lighting up the night on game days thanks to a new lighting system installation.

The new LED, energy-efficient lights are being installed on six ballfields at Sokol Park South and one soccer field at Sokol Park North.

These new lights will lower lighting costs at the parks and increase brightness levels for evening activities.

In March, the Tuscaloosa County Commission approved Tuscaloosa County Park and Recreation Authority‘s $1.3 million request for the new lights.

PARA Public Relations and Marketing Manager Becky Booker said this update is a major boon for the community.

“Right now we have a shortage of fields, particularly with the resurgence and popularity of girls’ fast pitch softball,” Booker said. “So more kids will be able to participate, more women, more adults. That’s what we’re all about, providing that opportunity for people in our very own community.”

The new lights should be fully installed in spring 2023.