Northport Businesses Broken Into

Six downtown Northport businesses were burglarized during severe weather last weekend and police need your help identifying him.

Early Sunday, April 14, police said a man broke into at least six downtown Northport businesses. In total, the damages he caused costs more than what he got away with from those businesses.

The Northport Police Department needs your help in identifying him and finding him.

“If anybody has any information, please either call the Northport Police Department or report it to Crime Stoppers,” Northport Police Assistant Chief Keith Carpenter said. “We would like to catch this individual after all the damage that they caused.”

The suspect stole cash registers, which were later found smashed and empty. It’s estimated he got away with less than $500 but caused much more than that in damages.

“We hate when stuff like this happens, especially to small businesses to where there was more damage than there was actually stuff taken,” Carpenter said. “So it causes them financial burden in order to replace and fix those things.”

Business owners like Christy White, who owns Christy’s Ladies’ Apparel and Gift Boutique, are left feeling extremely frustrated.

“It was a very scary, sad thing,” White said. “It broke everybody’s heart. We’re hard-working, you know, small businesses really really struggle already and it was just really heartbreaking to find out the news, very scary.”

White wanted to send a message to the suspect and anyone who may be considering committing crimes like this.

“There’s definitely other options,” White said. “If you just reach out, anyone will be glad to help, like, this is definitely not the right way to go. Cause now he’s gonna have to face all kinds of other struggles and challenges and hard times that, it’s just definitely not, cause everybody works hard for their money and everybody’s willing to give and help.”

If you can lead authorities to this man or help them identify him, please call the Northport Police Department at (205) 339-6600.

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