Sister of slain man: ‘I hope they find God’


While the Fosters community woke up Sunday to two separate but later connected crime scenes, a few hours later Jenesis Whitfield found herself mourning the sudden loss of her brother alongside the rest of her family.

Justin Whitfield, 23, and Destin Rashard Holley, also 23, were found dead early Sunday; one on Interstate 20/59 and the other on Frog Ridge Road.

On Monday, Keondre Jazel McCall and Mance Quinnell McCall Jr., 19-year-old cousins from the Montgomery area, were charged with capital murder.

Although the family is in mourning, Jenesis Whitfield said she has faith in what the future holds.

“He was a son. He was an uncle. He was a brother,” she said. “I hope they find God. I don’t wish bad on them. I hope they ask for forgiveness.”

That’s exactly what Justin would say if he were still here, she said.

“Justin was a God-fearing man,” Jenesis Whitfield said. “He grew up in a Christian home, so we find assurance in knowing that he’s in God’s arms.”

Justin Whitfield was born in Montgomery but grew up in Indiana. Jenesis Whitfield said he’d often come to Alabama and visit family and friends.

He was also excited and proud of his career in the U.S. Army until it ended unexpectedly.

“He was Airborne, and he got in an accident during an Airborne drill,” Jenesis Whitfield said. “When he landed, he broke his ankle and it was beyond repair.”

Justin Whitfield’s Army career ended with an honorable discharge Nov. 3. That discharge came with a settlement for his injury. Although investigators haven’t released a motive for Whitfield’s death, his family has their own theory.

“Destin Holley set my brother up to be robbed,” Jenesis Whitfield said. “He did not intend for him to be killed and once it turned ugly, they killed Destin. They didn’t want him to tell. Destin knew these two guys, but my brother did not know them.”

Justin did, however, know Destin, she said, as did much of the family.

“We had Destin in our home, and I picked Destin up,” she said. “So the anger is coming from the fact that we thought this was our brother’s friend. He thought this was his friend.”

That’s why Jenesis Whitfield said her family is taking Justin’s death so hard, and they have a message for other families in the hopes of keeping their tragedy from happening to anyone else.

“Be aware of who (your children) befriend and who they decide to keep in their lives,” she said. “This is the message my Dad wants to send and Justin’s mom wants to send, and maybe it could make kids look closer at who they choose to spend their time with.”

Justin Whitfield’s funeral is happening Saturday.

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