Walker County Sheriffs Office Substation

An addition to the Sipsey community is bringing an added sense of security for residents in the area.

The Walker County Sheriff’s Office is opening a substation in the area, said Walker County Sheriff Nick Smith.

“We can use that substation to service East Walker County,” Smith said. “Some of our rural areas don’t have a municipal police force, and we can service them better.”

Sipsey has been without close police protection and law enforcement for the past year after the closure of the Sipsey Police Department in February 2018. Before the new substation, the closest station was nearly 30 minutes away in Jasper.

But Smith said he noticed more demand for a police presence there after looking at Walker County’s crime rates.

In January, the entire county had 51 drug-related arrests, 70 outstanding arrests and 33 other criminal charges.

“Overall, this county isn’t gonna grow without a strong sheriff’s department,” Smith said. “This county is not going to prosper without a strong sheriff’s department and strong law enforcement in our communities.”

The new Walker County Sheriff’s Office substation will be located in the old police station at city hall. Its doors are opening in the first few weeks of March.

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