Sideline Bar And Grill

Sideline Bar and Grill on U.S. Highway 82 is facing uncertainty over safety concerns and may lose its business license in the wake of a shooting just outside the restaurant.

During a meeting on Tuesday, March 19, the Tuscaloosa City Council voted to hold a public hearing over the safety concerns at Sideline Bar and Grill off Highway 82.

“First of all in order to have your license revoked you must have cause,” District 7 Tuscaloosa City Councilwoman Sonya McKinstry said. “Our (police) chief believes that there is a safety issue, a safety concern. There has been a lot of different things that have happened that created a foul for this particular establishment.”

These safety concerns arose around instances of violence around the restaurant. One of the most recent instances happened when two people were shot at Sideline Bar and Grill around 2 a.m. on March 7. McKinstry said the city doesn’t fault an establishment when violence occurs there that doesn’t involve the owners, but measures must be in place to prevent it.

“We do have a standard at the city that, you know, people that are in business have to be in business in a certain manner,” McKinstry said. “And anytime there is a concern of safety, then, you know, you this has happened before.”

The owners of Sideline Bar and Grill did not want to go on camera but said in a statement: “We’ve added security cameras around the building. We’ve added adequate lighting on the back of the building for our customers that have to part there during bar hours. We have increased the number of our security guards to 14 from a license and bonded security company, not including 3 parking attendants roaming the parking lot during bar hours.”

McKinstry said the city council has met with the owners before to try to improve the situation. In their statement, the owners also said, “any disruption of business such as fighting or drug use, TPD (Tuscaloosa Police Department) will be notified immediately and tag numbers will be given to the authorities.”

The public hearing over whether the business license should be revoked or not will take place April 2 at 6 p.m. in Tuscaloosa City Hall.

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