Bills in legislature would require signage at docks for fish-eating risks

By WVUA 23 News Student Reporter Emily Caswell

Alabama lawmakers have introduced a new bill concerning the fish in Alabama’s waterways. The Safe and Healthy Outdoor Recreation Act is designed to advise the public on possible health risks associated with consuming fish from Alabama’s waterways.

Many of those rivers, lakes and streams have been exposed to potential pollution or contamination from nearby industries. The act would require advisory signs to be posted at all public-access boat docks and fishing spots.

Signs would feature warnings and information concerning the risks of consuming fish from potentially contaminated waterways.

Stan Adams with Tuscaloosa Tourism and Sports supports the move.

“Our waterways are so crucial in Alabama,” Adams said. “The more we can have signs out there and educate even people who are not from Alabama, it should help us all in the long run. Invite more people to come fish in Alabama waterways and that what will help us all.”

If passed, those who have water pollution permits will be required to display advisory signs in the area their permit covers. Many of these warnings are already posted across public-access fishing spots throughout Alabama.

The bills, SB105 and HB297 have been introduced to the legislature. If they’re passed in committee, the full Alabama House and Senate will vote on the measures.

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