Sheriff’s Office hosts firearms safety classes for anyone interested in learning

Safety training classes ensure that gun owners know how to use and handle firearms properly as well as store them securely. The Tuscaloosa County Sheriff’s Office offers firearm safety classes to qualified residents in West Alabama.  Sheriff Ron Abernathy instituted the class, which is open to Tuscaloosa County residents free of charge.

Chief of Administration Alex Miles said the office felt it was necessary to offer the classes, in hopes of preventing gun deaths and injuries.

“The concept of the class is to allow civilians to come in who may not feel comfortable with the firearm, who may have some questions about how to disassemble the firearm, and how to properly handle the firearm,” said Miles.

The class consists of a two hour power presentation, field practice at the gun range, and lunch. You can use your own weapon and received detailed instruction on how to use and store it.

Miles said the class also offers opportunities to build relationships.

“I believe this class is important. It also allows the public to have a positive interaction with law enforcement and it shows the human side of who we are,” said Miles.

Everytown for Gun Safety recently conducted a national survey on gun ownership and training. According to its survey 81 percent of respondents either agree or strongly agree that individuals should receive training before owning a firearm.  Currently only eight states and D.C. require some form of safety training before purchasing a gun.

Firearm safety classes are offered one Saturday out of the month at no charge. You have to be 18 years of age or older and be able to legally obtain a firearm by state law. You can register in person at the Tuscaloosa County Sheriff’s Office. The registration includes a background check.


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