Shelton president: 2 students arrested on threats expelled

Shelton Fredd Campus

The president of Shelton State Community College is speaking out after two women who attended the school were arrested last week on disorderly conduct charges. Those women were accused of posting videos on social media suggesting they would commit violence against Black residents.

SSCC President Chris Cox’s statement is below:



 Tuscaloosa, Alabama – As my first month as President of Shelton State draws to a close, I want to publicly thank the West Alabama community for the trust that has been placed in my leadership.  

During these initial weeks, I’ve worked with Shelton State faculty and staff to address situations firmly within our control.  Unfortunately, we’ve also been challenged to respond to some matters occurring outside of our College’s boundaries.  In each instance, our highest priority has
been to maintain a safe, inclusive, and welcoming environment for all.  Our goals and standards are high, and we expect our employees and students to reflect this character in all that we do.  Anything contrary to these commitments cannot and will not be tolerated.

In recent days, we have been forced to navigate a very concerning social media event.  This matter has been distracting, but it has not lessened our resolve to maintain and promote our high standards, values, and expectations.  In short, hate and violence have no place at Shelton State.

The hurt and offensiveness of this recent social media posting was in direct opposition and contradiction to our College’s core values, and I share the disappointment and outrage that these events have caused.  The individuals involved do not embody the high expectations we have for our students and employees, and as such, they are no longer part of the institution or our programs. 

As President of this wonderful College, I will continue to enforce my unwavering commitment to the safety and well-being of all who enter the doors.  I am dedicated to Shelton State’s success and pledge to uphold its integrity alongside every member of the community it represents.



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