Reporting by WVUA 23’s Amanda Hull

With apartment complexes popping up around The University of Alabama, a sewage pipe that may be near capacity is raising concern.

More and more occupants are about to be living around University Boulevard and widening a sewage pipe is the question many are asking. District 4 City Councilman Lee Busby said they have received information that can help them move forward in fixing this issue.

“There is a section of about 700 feet of pipe running down University Boulevard that is more narrow than the other sections and it is approaching capacity,” Busby said. “So the big deliberation today was who’s going to pay for that. The developers of the new big apartment complexes down there are now being assessed service fees. We got conflicting information today on just how close to capacity that pipe was. I think we made progress in identifying what we don’t know, but need to know in order to figure out who’s going to pay for it.”

<p>The fix to this issue is easy: put in bigger piping around that area. The question that remains is, who will be paying for it?</p>

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