stinky train parrish

One Walker County community has found itself in a stinky situation.

A dispute between Big Sky Environmental and Jefferson County has left several sewage filled railcars sitting in Parrish for close to a year. Big Sky operates a landfill in Adamsville, but a court order is keeping the company from removing the sewage.

Residents met with officials from Big Sky Environmental to get some answers, but some residents are still confused about the situation.

“Well I think they kept passing the buck to the train,” said concerned Parrish resident Cyndi Hestle. “You know the train left it here and they had no control over it and they knew it was here so why didn’t they have some sore of control over it?”

The council voted to deny the business license and gave Big Sky Environmental three weeks to get all the trailers moved. Big Sky Environmental declined to comment on the council’s action.

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