A tornado that struck Oklahoma Wednesday is part of a storm system moving toward West Alabama today, but forecasters say wait before you worry.

Tuscaloosa County Emergency Management Agency Director Rob Robertson said the modeling is still uncertain, but the dreary morning and afternoon could give way to tougher skies into the evening.

“It’s never perfect,” he said. “But this has been difficult.”

Harsher weather has kept mostly to the north and south of West Alabama so far.

Robertson said there’s always concerns about flash flooding, especially with quick-moving weather events.

“There’s a large amount of rainfall that could happen with this particular storm front,” he said. “We’re looking at somewhere between 3 and 4 inches, perhaps, with some areas getting more.”

Robertson said he’d like to remind residents that if they see standing water on the roadway, turn around, don’t drown. You can never be certain what’s under that water, he said.

Tornadoes are also a possibility, but a small one, Robertson said.

“When the elements are here, and as the forecasters have stated, all modes of severe weather are possible with this type of activity,” he said. “So yes, there could be a pop-up tornado this afternoon. The likelihood just depends on atmospheric stability.”

If you plan to travel, be aware of what’s in store, and take note of the latest information before you leave, Robertson said, and be prepared to pull over if the weather gets too tough to drive in.


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