Severe Weather Approaching Alabama Midweek

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By WVUA 23 News Reporter Lacey Beasley

Dark clouds and rain today will be followed by some potentially severe weather across West Alabama Wednesday.

Tuscaloosa County Emergency Management Agency Director Nick Lolley said even though tornadoes and storm damage are hard to predict, residents should be proactive when severe weather is on the way.

“If you have a storm shelter inside, make sure it’s cleaned out,” said Lolley. “Make sure you can get in it. Also, if it’s too late and the tornado is quickly approaching, you need to get into the interior of the home. Get in the bathroom. Get away from windows. At that point, just do the best you can and get down.”

Lolley said he suggests having a weather emergency plan for your family no later than Tuesday.

For West Alabama residents, weather is a common threat this time of year. Lolley said everyone should help a specific group that may be overlooked.

“Make sure if you have elderly people living close to you that they are well taken care of also,” said Lolley.

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