Tuscaloosa City Schools

Several Tuscaloosa City Schools were on high alert Friday morning due to two unrelated incidents.

Before school started at Southview Elementary, a weapon with no ammunition in it was discovered with a student. The weapon was found and recovered as a part of the See Something, Say Something campaign, according to Tuscaloosa City School Public Relations Coordinator Lesley Bruinton.

“The Tuscaloosa City Schools is working with the Tuscaloosa Police Department who found this to be an isolated incident,” Bruinton said in an email. “TPD will continue handling the situation from here. Students are now in class beginning with their work. Our focus remains making sure your child is safe. Please remind your child if they see something, say something. This is an important part of making sure everyone is safe.”

In another part of the city, Central High School, Central Elementary, Westlawn, Tuscaloosa Career and Technology Academy and Martin Luther King Elementary were put on lockdown for about 30 minutes due to a shooting in the area.

All schools are now operating normally.

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