Story by WVUA 23’s Chelsea Barton.

In June of 2018, a cell phone video of Calvin Hinton encouraging his dog Rufus to destroy Chase Davidson’s Yellow Lab puppy Snoop surfaced.

Snoop had gone missing weeks before in Pickens County.

After he was charged, Hinton pleaded guilty to cruelty to animals.

He was sentenced by a Pickens County judge to a reversed split sentence suspended for one year, meaning Hinton will walk free for one year and report back to court in Pickens County in 2021 to show cause why he should not have to serve a one-year prison sentence for his cruelty to animals plea. The judge will then make a decision.

Davidson said he is appalled by the light sentence.

“I could not believe it,” Davidson said. “Somebody comes in and gives a cold guilty plea saying, ‘I did it. I killed the dog,’ I am thinking he will at least a year or two in jail, something to send a message to other dogfighters in the county, state or even country. He gets 12 months of probation. He gets to go back to work tomorrow and go back home. Absolutely nothing has happened. That absolutely blows my mind. It just sends a message to other people that they can do what we want and there is no consequences. If I go out and I do something bad tonight, I feel like there should be consequences. We didn’t send that message.”

 Hinton was on probation for employment fraud at the time of the dogfighting incident.

 Court documents show his bond was revoked in that case because cocaine was found in his system.

 He served that sentence in its entirety.

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