SEC Media Days highlights special character of Crimson Tide’s ‘Dynamic Duo’

By WVUA-23 Sports Reporter Tyler White

Known as the “King of College Football,” Nick Saban is not an easy man to get high praise out of, but there may be an exception. The Crimson Tide duo of Bryce Young and Will Anderson Jr. once again received Saban’s praise, this time being touted for their unprecedented impact on the field.

“To have two players that make such a significant impact on our team as those two guys, I don’t recall ever having a circumstance like that,” said Saban at SEC Media Days. “We’ve had some great impact players, but never one on offense, one on defense of the caliber that these guys have been able to play on a consistent basis.”

But Saban did not stop there with praise for the two Tide stars, he went on to emphasize that the players impact reached even further than what they did physically on the field.

“But I think probably bigger than that is the impact that they have on the players around them. These guys set a great example,” said Saban, “They’re players that other people on our team can emulate in a positive way because of the example that they set. These guys are very serving to their teammates in terms of they really do care about helping other people. So these guys have not only been great players, they’ve contributed from a leadership standpoint probably as significantly as any leaders that we’ve had”

Will Anderson Jr. then took the stand and explained why he believes leadership is such a crucial part of his role for the team.

“I think when you step into the leadership role it becomes a part of you, it’s who you are. You have to command; you’re put in that position to lead; you’re put in that position to help others, and it would be selfish not to help others, and you know what’s right from wrong and you know how to go through the system; you know the standard, so just to do that it’s a blessing because not a lot of people have that skill, and to work with Bryce on that skill it’s been amazing.”

When Bryce Young took the stand, he was not asked about Coach Saban’s comments on Anderson and himself, but Young did emphasize the privilege he had to be able to compete against athletes such as Anderson Jr. and the rest of the Tide’s defense.

“Going against the best in Will (Anderson) and Dallas (Turner), that prepares us all on offense. Those guys are tremendous players, and being able to compete with them day in and day out is what makes us all better.

When you have players like Heisman trophy winner Bryce Young and A guy who very well could have been in New York with him in Will Anderson Jr, it is a chance that does not come around very often, and the Tide want to make sure that they capitalize on the opportunity.


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