SEC Announces Medical Procedures, Rules for Fall Football Season


By WVUA 23 Contributor Joshua Ragsdale

The Southeastern Conference is doing everything it can to help make sure the football season that everyone is looking forward to actually happens.

The conference announced its initial medical procedures that all teams must follow during games and practices to help keep the season safe for all parties involved.

A “return to activity and medical task force” established by the conference has been meeting often to discuss how to keep all athletes and staff safe in the upcoming season.

The University of Alabama head athletics team physician and medical director Dr. Jimmy Robinson said that the team will adhere to all of the guidelines, but they will be looking at data from the community in order to create a safe environment for both athletes and any potential fans who would attend the games.

“Obviously, the most important thing is the health and safety of our athletes and that’s gonna be paramount and we’re going to make sure that if we have any problems or if we see a rise in the trends or if there’s a problem in the community where we’re putting others at risk or in danger of overloading the hospital and these kinds of things, we’re going to call an end to it,” said Robinson. “But, right now my feeling is we’re going to go forward with this as best we can and the best practices that we can and hopefully get through it.”

Robinson said their guidelines are the same as everyone else’s: social distance, wash hands and wear face coverings, but they will have a rigorous testing schedule because they want to catch anyone who might be asymptomatic to help prevent any chance of spreading the virus.

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