Sea turtle released in Florida to compete in Tour de Turtles

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sea turtle

MARATHON, Fla. (AP) – A juvenile green sea turtle that underwent multiple surgeries to remove cauliflower-like tumors was released last week off the Florida Keys with a satellite-tracking transmitter.

“Tortie” was treated at the Keys-based Turtle Hospital after being rescued last December. The turtle was unable to dive and suffering from a debilitating disease.

After Tortie’s tumors were removed, the reptile’s treatment included antibiotics, fluids, vitamins and a diet of mixed seafood and greens.

The turtle’s satellite tracker will be monitored as part of the 15th annual Tour de Turtles, an online “race” organized by the Sea Turtle Conservancy that follows the long-distance migration of a contingent of sea turtles over three months.

You can follow Tortie’s journey right here.

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7/19/2022 5:39:52 PM (GMT -5:00)

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