Schools experiencing heavy absences because of illness

Chances are your family has recently been impacted by some sort of sickness, whether it’s the flu, strep, a stomach bug or just the crud.

The Tuscaloosa County School System was hit hard last week and only 83% of students were in attendance.

That means of the 19,000 students systemwide, more than 3,000 were absent.

TCSS Director of Communications Terri Brewer said the system is trying its best to keep the slew of illnesses at bay.

“We have really had a hyperfocus in the last couple of years on doing the things that we know help to keep illness at bay and protect ourselves,” Brewer said. “So our nurses are being cautious about when a child spikes a fever to make sure they’re out of the school setting, just doing that cleaning, wiping things down, being extra cautious, educating our families and parents on what to look for, sending information home about what is too sick for school, what are the symptoms that you watch for.”

Brewer said attendance was back to 87% this week.

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