School offering $900 for return of students’ missing chickens

Students and staff at Bear Creek Academy in Tuscaloosa are devastated after 12 of their hand-raised and well-loved chickens were plucked from their coop over the weekend.

Bear Creek Academy Principal Monica Rodgers said she noticed the missing birds Sunday morning. Half of them were missing. So were their food bowls.

“(The students) can tell you everything about these chickens,” Rodgers said. “When they found out 12 had been taken, they just started calling out ‘who was it? Who was it?’ ”

Bear Creek student Quinn Miller said this is devastating.

“We have been with these chickens for over a year now and we’ve known them for a long time,” Miller said. “And someone comes along and steals our hard work and special bonds? Who would do that?”

Rodgers said students have been involved with the chickens since day one, and these days they’re more like pets than a classroom project.

“It’s just terrible,” said student J.B. Irvin. “I had my own chicken. His name was Fishy. I just loved him so much. And all of a sudden, I heard they got stolen. I thought it was a joke or something. That’s just scary and it’s sad.”

School administrators are offering to buy new chickens for whoever is responsible and won’t press charges as long as the chickens are returned unharmed.

If you have any information about the missing chickens, you can contact the school at 205-737-7282. A $900 reward is being offered for the return of the chickens.

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