One Tuscaloosa City Schools board member says her words from last night’s board meeting were taken out of context after they caused a stir in the community.

District 5 Board Member Erica Grant said she didn’t believe Superintendent Mike Daria should be blamed for all the issues surrounding some schools, because some schools “can seem like trash” within their surroundings.

Grant said she doesn’t dispute using the phrase, but didn’t intend it in a negative way. Her comment happened while board members were discussing Daria’s evaluation and goals, along with the potential nonrenewal of a principal.

She said her comment was meant to show the principal is facing many challenges at the school, and that alone can make an evaluation look bad.

“It can make the principal look like trash to others,” Grant said. “Like he’s the problem, when it’s the situation around him that he’s given to work with.”

Daria agreed, saying Grant’s statement was misconstrued.

“It was about the board and the superintendent working together as a leadership team,” Daria said. “Ms. Grant was talking about a school improvement issue. How do we improve schools, improve all schools for all students? That was the context of that discussion, and quite honestly the entire discussion for the evening.”

Grant said the one thing she wants everyone to know is that she’s going to bat for every child and teacher in the Tuscaloosa City Schools System.

If she could do it over again, Grant said she’d have worded her statement in a different way because her intent was not to hurt anyone.

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