Erica Grant Barred00000000

By WVUA 23 Reporter Jabaree Prewitt

District 5 Tuscaloosa City Schools Board Member Erica Grant says she’s been barred from entering the Tuscaloosa County Detention Center after questioning school leaders about students’ classwork.

“I get a call from the head director saying she’s disturbed by the questions and that she feels its unhealthy for me to come back without a meeting,” Grant said Wednesday.

Grant said she asked Executive Director Kathy Wood to make sure the students attending the detention center receive their classwork.

“I was looking forward to sitting down with her to discuss all of these different policies that have popped up since I asked a question,” Grant said. “One question on how can I or the city schools system help get classwork back and forth to the children.”

Grant said she has been a guest speaker at the detention center every week for the past seven weeks, and students have asked her for help on getting access to classwork they’ve missed.

The Tuscaloosa City Schools Board of Education allocates about $160,000 to the detention center every fiscal year, Grant said. The center hosts students who have been detained under specific circumstances, such as students awaiting court dates or placement in a residential facility.

WVUA 23 News reached out to the Tuscaloosa County Detention Center for a response, but were told officials at the center were not commenting on the matter.

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