By WVUA 23 Student Reporter Madison MacLean

A NAACP-sponsored forum Monday evening gave each candidate running for Tuscaloosa City Schools Board of Education a chance to mingle with voters and answer their questions.

In all, 17 candidates were present at the forum. Guy May, who is running for the District 3 seat unopposed, and District 2 incumbent Earnestine Tucker did not participate. For a list of all candidates running, click here.

Loretta Lynn has three children in the school system, and she said her concerns reach further than Tuscaloosa.

“I’m also concerned with more things at a national level, how certain policies, for instance if (Betsy) Devos ends up being appointed the Secretary of Education, how that’s going to affect things on a local level,” Lynn said. “I think it’s important that the candidates are able to think outside of the box.”

Eric Wilson, who is running unopposed for City School Board Chairman, said the board will continue moving in a positive direction.

Other residents said they were concerned about the equality of funds across the city’s seven districts.

The municipal election is March 7.  The NAACP is hosting a similar forum on Thursday for all candidates running for Tuscaloosa City Council.

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