Sawyerville tornado survivors flee ahead of Tuesday’s storm

Hale County residents know first-hand how destructive severe weather can be.

Tuesday morning, WVUA 23 caught up with a Sawyerville family who was rolling out before the storms rolled in.

It’s been almost two months since an EF2 tornado killed one person there and injured eight others in the rural Hale County town of Sawyerville.

Dozens of others lost their homes and worldly possessions.

Winds stronger than 35 miles per hour were whipping in Sawyerville Tuesday afternoon ahead of evening storms. A feeling all too familiar to residents there.

When WVUA 23 arrived, Gloria Doss and her family were leaving. She said it’s better to be safe than sorry.

“Take it seriously,” Doss said. “Even though they are saying it is in other states and coming this way, we are leaving.”

In early February, Doss potentially saved her aunt, Annie Brown, from the storm by calling and alerting her to get in a safe place.

“It is a very good lesson for everyone,” Doss said. “If you know something, call your family members and make sure they are all in a safe place. It is very important.”

Like much of West Alabama, Sawyerville had the potential to experience some severe weather Tuesday.

“I just think it is very important for you to take safety when you hear about weather coming your way,” Doss said. “Like right now, the wind is very high, so it is time to leave.”

Many Sawyerville storm survivors are still living in hotels or with family and friends after being displaced from that storm in February.

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