Sawyerville tornado survivor: ‘I’m very grateful, even though I lost everything’


Chainsaws and heavy equipment whine and whir even as neighbors offer greetings and repair tips around the Sawyerville community less than a week after an EF2 tornado ripped through the area, killing one and injuring eight others.

Jimmy Green spent Monday clearing limbs, debris and scattered worldly possessions off his home of 20-plus years in Mason Bend. Despite the storm, he’s grateful.

“I’m very grateful,” Green said.  “Even though I lost everything, I didn’t lose my family.  That’s the most important thing in the world.  All this stuff is replaceable, and I thank God that all is well.  I will come back strong as ever.  It’s just a test that we’re going to pass together.”
He was at work as the EF2 tornado ravaged his home Thursday. Several family members including his wife Shelia and their infant grandson were still there, but protected inside a storm shelter added to the property late last year.
“It sounded like a bulldozer or something running into it,” Shelia Green said. “After we were calling on Jesus, I didn’t hear any more sounds.  It was really scary.”
Jimmy Green said when he pulled up and saw his family, it felt like he could breathe again.
“Thank God that I was able to get a shelter to shield them in this time,” he said. “God is the only shelter, but he allowed me to be able to get a storm shelter and took care of my family.”
All the heavy equipment and cleanup ruckus didn’t faze the Greens’ 4-month-old grandson Kyrie. Maybe later he’ll learn all about the tale of his family’s survival.
“I didn’t care about it hitting me,” Shelia Green said. “I covered him, and we called on Jesus.”
The Green family is one of many who lost their homes in the storm. They’re relying on helping hands, their faith and even prayers from people like you to see them through this.

“God is good, y’all,” Jimmy Green said. “When you can pray to God in a storm, you know you can do it when the sun is shining. We thank God. We’re very grateful. God bless y’all. Keep praying for us.”

The Greens said the best way to help their family other than prayers right now is time, but they are looking for assistance from anyone with access to heavy equipment who can help clear the debris from their property.
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