Save your home, family by practicing smoke alarm safety


By WVUA 23 News Reporter Sarah Erickson

Three out of every five people who die in house fires did not have a working smoke alarm, Tuscaloosa Fire Rescue officials say. That means educating residents on the importance of smoke and carbon monoxide alarms is vital to the community.

Tuscaloosa Fire Marshall Patrick Stines said every home needs proper alarms.

“When we know something as simple as a smoke alarm could have aided in someone evacuating a home or saving a loved one it really is heartbreaking to see that type of loss,” Stines said.

On Thursday, Tuscaloosa Fire Rescue hosted what they call a Smoke Alarm Blitz as part of Fire Prevention Week.

The team went to the Circlewood neighborhood in Alberta, where they went door to door checking residents’ homes for working smoke alarms.

“I was just riding down the road this week after having a conversation with a friend of mine about how we needed smoke detectors,” said Circlewood resident Lea Lagunes. “Lo and behold, two days after this conversation, there were signs down here about smoke detector installation for free and I said wow, what timing.”

If you need help ensuring your smoke alarms are in working order, you don’t have to wait. Help is a phone call away.

“Anytime somebody needs a smoke alarm or an inspection they can just call us or 311 and we will come out and check their smoke alarms or we will install one free of charge,” Stines said.

If you’re not in the 311 service area, call your local fire department.

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