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At the end of the 2018 season softball will end for Sami Story, a senior infielder at Stillman College. But, it almost ended in 2014 after high school and then again in 2016.

Right before her sophomore season Story and the rest of the team were told that Stillman was cancelling the softball program. She said it hit the team hard causing some players to cry but others took it as an opportunity.

“That was a little bit of motivation for some of us because we knew we had to work hard to be able to go somewhere else,” said Story.

Somewhere else was West Alabama, who called and said they wanted the talented infielder on their roster. Although Story admired the school, program and coaches she says she missed Tuscaloosa and decided to come back.

It just so happens Stillman Softball came back too. A new administration revived the sport and Sami Story has spent the past two seasons dominating opponents.

The former Northridge High School standout is one of Stillman’s best players batting over .300 this season.

“She’s a very good athlete, and she asks whatever she needs to do, she’ll do it,” says Stillman Softball Coach Joel Penfield.

Story admits she was afraid of change out of high school. But, two programs and four coaching staffs later a lot has changed. She is a different person from when her college career began but Story says she’s grateful for what the sport has brought her.

She may be most grateful for the lessons learned from one of the most trying moments of her life, when the sport she loved was almost taken away.

“Don’t take it for granted,” said Story, “Play every day like its your last. Practice every practice like its your last because you never know what could happen.”

For now Story doesn’t know what she will do when that last day comes.

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