Saint Paul Baptist Church hosts food giveaway



If you saw lots of traffic early Thursday near Saint Paul Baptist Church, here’s why.

They hosted a free food giveaway open to the public.

These days it seems everything is on the rise, except people’s paychecks.

The Saint Paul congregation came together to provide relief to 234 families Thursday.

Marvin Wilder and Raymond Peebles were the last people in line to receive food as part of that giveaway.

“This is pretty much a gift of God,” Peebles said.

“Due to the price of food, we can hardly eat, and due to the gas prices, it’s making it even harder,” Wilder said. “That’s a good thing to get a food blessing.”

“When we saw all the people, I was amazed,” Eva McMath from Saint Paul Baptist Church said.

“They were lined up all the way to the store, Piggly Wiggly,” Saint Paul Baptist food pantry coordinator Annie Ridgeway said. “Because of the prices of food and gas you don’t know you might be ok today and might not be ok tomorrow. We want to make people comfortable, you can call us also, so we have a food pantry, so if you’re in need or your family is in need, we have a continuous food pantry, so just let us know.”

And just because the food was free, doesn’t mean it wasn’t good food.

“They can receive anything from pinto beans to steaks,” Pastor Lonnie Weaver said. ” We have even had lobster in these things.”

To stay up to date with upcoming food giveaways, you can follow Saint Paul Baptist Church Tuscaloosa right here.

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