Saban Remembers Tornado’s Impact on Tuscaloosa, Team

University of Alabama football head coach Nick Saban spent April 27, 2021, remembering how Tuscaloosa changed 10 years ago to the day.

Saban said he went home early that day after reports of a storm coming through. The rest of his evening was filled with anxiety. Would his family be OK? Were his players OK?

Out of that anxiety came the drive to go out and help the community as soon as the clouds cleared.

Under Saban’s leadership, players went out and helped clean up debris for months following that day. Saban’s Nick’s Kids Foundation partnered with Habitat for Humanity, funding repairs and new homes.

“It’s a really important lesson for these guys to learn how to give,” Saban said. “Give back to the community, give back to our fans, give back to the people who supported us.”

That’s exactly what he said to his players 10 years ago, he said.

“Their response to that was phenomenal in terms of things that they did out in the community to help other people,” Saban said.

The tragedy gave the team a lesson in community service, but it also pushed them to bring home the National Championship that year.

And what’s more, Crimson Tide and Auburn fans put down their animosity and worked together to help repair a city in need, he said.

“I think everybody in the state really contributed in a positive way,” he said. “Especially here in Tuscaloosa, a lot of Auburn folks came up here and helped in a lot of ways.”

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