Russia’s hope for Ukraine win revealed in battle for Bakhmut

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russia attacks ukraine

The Associated Press

BAKHMUT, Ukraine (AP) – Russian soldiers are slowly edging closer to a city in eastern Ukraine they have tried to seize for months.

Bakhmut has remained in Ukrainian hands during the war despite Moscow’s goal of capturing the entire Donbas region bordering Russia.

While much of the fighting in the last month has unfolded in southern Ukraine’s Kherson region, the battle heating up around Bakhmut demonstrates Russian President Vladimir Putin’s desire for visible gains following his troops’ clear setbacks.

Taking Bakhmut would rupture Ukraine’s supply lines and open a route for Russian forces to press on toward other Ukrainian strongholds in the east.

Mercenaries from the shadowy Wagner Group are reported to be leading the charge.

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10/28/2022 8:33:34 AM (GMT -5:00)

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