Ruling: Greenetrack must pay $76M in unpaid taxes

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After a yearslong court battle over whether or not its bingo operation was tax-exempt, Greenetrack is on the hook for $76 million in unpaid taxes and interest

Attorney General Steve Marshall said today that this victory was a long time coming.

The Alabama Supreme Court this week ruled that Greenetrack owes taxes on money made between 2004 to 2008, when the operation ran afoul of Alabama’s gambling laws.

During that time, Marshall said, Greenetrack entered into agreements with nonprofit organizations to allow them, on paper, to “lease” and “operate” Greenetrack’s enterprise. In return, the nonprofits received a fraction of the gambling proceeds while Greenetrack kept the rest and did not pay taxes.

“Every day, all across our great state, the people of Alabama get up, work hard to make an honorable living, obey the law, and pay their taxes,” Marshall said. “And then there are the likes of Greenetrack, which scheme to make a dishonorable profit, break the law, and evade their taxes. Such a sordid state of affairs is more than merely unjust—it is hateful to the rule of law. And, under my watch, it will not be tolerated.”

The Alabama Supreme Court said Greenetrack was not exempt from taxes on its bingo earnings and was not in compliance with Alabama’s law.

You can read the Alabama Supreme Court’s opinion in Alabama Department of Revenue v. Greenetrack, Inc., no. 1200841, below:

Greenetrack Opinion 6-30-22

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