Roy Moore At Aca

U.S. Senate candidate Roy Moore was in Tuscaloosa today, but he wasn’t here for a political rally. Instead, he was speaking to the study body at American Christian Academy.

The GOP Senate hopeful used his time addressing students to touch on patriotism and the importance of having a solid Christian foundation.

Moore said he recently took a trip to Washington, D.C., to show those in office who he really is after what he claims was mischaracterization by the press for his faith.

Next month, Moore is facing off against Democrat and former U.S. Attorney Doug Jones for the U.S. Senate seat formerly held by Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Jones has requested a moderated debate against Moore, but Moore has thus far refused. Today, he said that’s because there’s such a disparity between the parties on issues like health care and taxes that there’s no point.

“These issues don’t need to be disputed in public,” he said. “The public should (already) see them.”

The election is being held Dec. 12.


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