Roller derby returns to Tuscaloosa

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By WVUA-23 Sports Reporter Sam Holley

The roller derby returned to Tuscaloosa this past Saturday at Super Skate, and the Druid City Dames put on their skates for the first time since the COVID-19 pandemic

Roller derby is a roller skating contact sport played by two teams of fifteen members.

The Dames are hosting a recruitment night on August 24th, and they will have 33 players on their roster with the hope that the team will grow. The Druid City Dames shared what they loved about the roller derby.

“It’s really a safe place where everybody is accepting,” Janna Stevens, a member of the Dames said. “Everybody is kind, and everybody is encouraging on and off the track.”
The team’s goal is to grow the sport.  Saturday night was their chance to introduce the sport they feel so strongly about to other people.

Member of the Dames Heather Meadows said that all anyone needs to participate is interest.

“This is our first home bout of 2022 since the pandemic, and we’re very excited,” Meadows said. “If you’re interested, they’ll give you everything you need.”
No prior skating experience is required.

 “That’s one thing that I always hear is ‘oh well, I don’t know how to skate,'” Stevens said. “We’ll show you everything. We start with showing you how to fall safely, and we just go from there.”

Lindsey Summers, a member of the Dame’s training committee said there is a place for everyone.

“We have a place for you,” Summers said. (Even) if you just want to be behind the scenes and support people by running the merch table.”

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