Road work ahead: Tuscaloosa construction projects in progress

Road Work

By WVUA 23 News Reporter A’Leeyah Ponder

Tuscaloosa is no stranger to road work, and 2022 will be much more of the same.

There are more than two dozen street resurfacing projects happening within the city of Tuscaloosa, not including projects happening through Tuscaloosa County or the Alabama Department of Transportation.

“There are a bunch of different projects going on at one time here, but when all this is complete it’ll be well worth it,” said WAR Construction Superintendent William Miller.

People who live in the area say the projects are a major hassle — and a road hazard.

“My friends and I were driving a few weeks ago and I hit one of the construction cones with my car,” said University of Alabama student Natalie Ball. “That might’ve been my fault, but it definitely has affected me.”

Some are frustrated at the damage their cars are getting from construction debris.

“The holes, the potholes tore my Volkswagen up,” said West Tuscaloosa resident Deborah Williams. “We’re enduring a lot. It’s filthy. This could be cleaned up and look better.”

Others are having a tough time navigating around all the closed roads.

“It’s kind of not a fun surprise when you realize that the road that you take every day is closed, so you have to detour and you end up being late for something,” said University of Alabama student Erin McManus.

The projects in and around Tuscaloosa happening now include:

  • Planing and resurfacing State Route 215 from Greensboro Avenue to just west of Dr. Edward Hillard Drive. Project estimated completion date Spring 2022
  • Resurfacing U.S. Highway 82 from Alabama Highway 69 to Rice Mine Road. Project estimated completion date Summer 2024
  • Jack Warner Parkway/Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard connector. Project estimated completion date May 2022
  • Resurfacing loop ramps for U.S. Highway 82, Interstate 20/59. Project estimated completion date Spring 2022
  • U.S. Highway 11 roadway improvements from Daimer Benz Boulevard to State Route 5 intersection. Project estimated completion date Summer 2025
  • Bridge addition and additional lanes project for State Route 69 from Plantation Road to Interstate 20/59 overpass. Project estimated completion date 2025.
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