Reynolds career day helps Stillman basketball beat Willam Carey

David Reynolds Picture

David Reynolds averaged two points per game heading into Saturday’s matchup against the William
Carey Crusaders. So while scoring a career record 12 points might have been exciting enough, it was his last bucket of the game, and who was there to see it, that made the day even more special.

Down two with three seconds left in the game, head coach John Teasley drew up a play to put
the ball and Stillman’s hopes in the hot hands of Reynolds. Senior guard Londell King inbounded the ball to Reynolds who drove down the court and let up a prayer from the edge of the logo 40 feet away from the basket that magically went in.

“He was supposed to get the ball and depending on how they reacted to him catching the ball
where he did was really going to be who was going to get the shot or not,” said Head Coach Teasley. “And it just so happened that they had everything covered and he just, you know, had an open look and he took it.”

After the shot went in, it was pandemonium both on and behind the Stillman bench.

“It was amazing. Like, to just hit a game winner, and my parents were there and the whole team”,
said Reynolds. “If you look on the bottom left corner, my pops was so excited he fell trying to get to me.”

“The coach had bottled waters, and he normally kept it in his pocket, but I guess he had put
it down beside the chairs”, said Reynolds’ dad, David Reynolds. “Guess somebody had knocked them over. And as soon as I went to run out on the court, I hit that water and boom! Down I went.”

With the dramatic win over the Crusaders, Stillman improves to 11-3 overall. Their next game
is Thursday against middle Georgia State where the Tigers might look for some more late-game heroics from Reynolds.

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