Revolutionary War Plaque00000000

An important American history reminder now sits in Tuscaloosa’s Capitol Park.

A large stone installed there recently is engraved with the names of 52 people who were part of the American Revolution and later settled around Tuscaloosa.

The memorial honors those who lived in Tuscaloosa in the early- to mid-1800s. Descendants of those patriots made the special display possible through a partnership between the Daughters of the American Revolution and Sons of the American Revolution.

Walter Dockery with Tuscaloosa’s SAR chapter said he’d like to see more young people showing an interest in their heritage.

“I hope it creates an interest in them, in especially the younger generation,” he said. “They’re not taught too much history, and we can teach them a little bit more. We’d love to. And get them interested in it. I think it makes it more patriotic.”

A patriotic “marking of the plaque” event is happening at the plaque on Saturday at 1 p.m. In addition to honoring those local patriots and soldiers whose names appear on the plaque, you’ll see 40 revolutionary flags alongside people in costumes from the era.


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