Restaurants, families working around higher egg prices

By WVUA 23 News Reporter Asher Redd

The most recent avian flu outbreak killed more than 58 million birds in the United States, and those deaths are one of many reasons egg prices have shot to record highs.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, egg prices nationwide are up more than 130% compared to this time last year, at around $4.25 for a dozen eggs. Some areas are suffering from even higher egg prices, but the cost increase in Alabama is hitting shoppers and businesses pretty hard.

“If you would’ve told me a year ago that an egg would be almost synonymous to gold, I wouldn’t have believed you,” said Five Bar Manager Cameron Covington.

Covington said Five goes through a case and a half of eggs during each shift he works, and there are multiple shifts in a day. One case contains 150 eggs. That means that over two shifts, Five goes through about 450 eggs.

But raising prices at Five isn’t in the cards, Covington said. At least not yet.

Eggs were often considered a cheap, filling way to start the day. Now that prices are higher, families on a budget are having to rethink what’s on the breakfast table.

“(Families) can’t feed their children because they’re not able to afford to give their kids a simple eggs and bacon breakfast anymore,” said shopper Maya Elsamady.

If you’re having trouble keeping eggs or any other staple on the table amid rising prices, help is available. If you’re in West Alabama, you can call the United Way of West Alabama’s 211 services and be put in touch with resources that can help.

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