Restaurant community mourning loss of business owner

The Tuscaloosa restaurant community is in mourning this week, as one of their own died early Wednesday.

Scott Harless, 37, was killed when his vehicle crashed into a train just after midnight.

Harless was well-known among restauranteurs and frequent patrons of businesses in downtown Tuscaloosa, as he was an owner of Nocturnal Tavern near Temerson Square, a co-owner at Central Mesa and also spent time at places including Avenue Pub, Top Shelf, the Bear Trap and Gallette’s.

Several of those businesses took to social media on Wednesday and Thursday, addressing the sudden, tragic loss of someone who meant so much to Tuscaloosa.

Druid City Social’s Bill Lloyd said the time and effort Harless put into the restaurant scene was something few people could do, and his loss is a huge blow to Tuscaloosa.

“(Harless) was really just coming into his own,” Lloyd said. “He paid his dues, he worked in a lot of places, had a lot of positions.  He had the experience to be a quality owner and a quality boss, and it’s really a serious loss for everyone.”

Funeral arrangements have not yet been announced.

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