Residents in the King Acres community are upset over a rat problem.

“Being so close to the swamp land area, out here in Moody Swamp, its kind of hard to just to say you’re not going to have anything” said Kings Acres Resident Andrew Griffin.

Griffin said he’s lived in his home for two years.

He said it took just three months for him to notice rat holes under his home. That’s when he knew he had a problem.

“They have not made their way into my home, not to say that they never will, I try to keep a handle on it” Griffin said.

Mom of three Titiana Richardson said the rats are so bad at her home they keep her family up at night.

“They come through the bottom of the trailer and eat their way through. They come through vents, they come from everywhere” Richardson said.

District 4, Tuscaloosa County Commissioner Reginald Murray said no one has contacted him about this problem.

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