Residents tired of floods when rain hits their street


By WVUA 23 News Reporter Gracie Johnson

Sharon Binion, a resident of Tuscaloosa who lives off 10th Avenue on 19th Street has been greatly affected over the years by flooding during heavy rainfall.

On Thursday afternoon the Tuscaloosa area experienced some of that extensive rainfall and Binion’s property was once again flooded.

Binion has lived at the property for 30 years and said that the city has come out to her property many times to make repairs to the drainage system, but no matter what her property still experiences flooding.

“Like the rain today if it steadily rains hard the water will build up. I went out there and stood in the yard and it came up to my knees,” said Binion. “It goes down pretty fast cause it’s the drainage in the back and you know there’s about four or five out here but it’s just too much water.”

At this point Binion has made repairs like raising the foundation of her kitchen to prepare her home for these rainy days.

District 2 Tuscaloosa City Council Member Raevan Howard said there are many areas in District 2 that are affected by flooding.

“Right now my main focus is to make sure our drains are not clogged and that they are able to allow water to pass freely through them as they should and I’m also working with the engineers to make sure that our current drainage system is up to date and that it doesn’t need any modifications,” said Howard.

Howard also said that pictures and videos sent to her of flooding in her district are greatly appreciated as it helps the city know exactly which areas to survey.

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