Residents rush to get heating systems checked before extreme weather comes

With a severe cold front quickly approaching many people are testing their heaters. Northport resident Gary Schneider noticed an issue with his home heating system earlier this week and called Jolly’s Heating and Air conditioning company to resolve the problem immediately, especially with a cold front coming.

“Well what happened a couple days ago is I bumped the thermostat up a couple degrees and it took probably 15 to 20 minutes for the fan motor to kick on and actually start to blow the heat out through the vents, ” said Schneider.

Gary Schneider expressed that he was expecting family to come into town for the holidays and was desperate to get the heating fixed.

“Knowing that the cold weather was coming upon us here real quick I decided that well I need to get Jolly’s put here and see if they can check it out and make sure everything is under control. I won’t have any issues hopefully,” stated Schneider.

Russell Carr, EMA service technician for Jolly Heating and Air conditioning, said they have had an influx of calls this week for heating services.

“Most people want to be warm not cold and also things can get damaged in the house especially if water pipes freeze or anything like that,” said Carr.

Carr recommends these tips to help keep your household heater in good shape.

  • Check your filter regularly
  • Clean your furnace and vents

Stay tuned to WVUA 23 for the latest on the winter weather as it approaches West Alabama.



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