Flooding In Pickens Co

Story by WVUA 23’s Lacey Beasley.

There have been extreme flooding issues all over Alabama, but certain areas are feeling the flood more than others, including Pickens County.

Pickens County homeowner Abbie Hathaway is still repairing damages from last year’s flood. Her pool deck flooded five inches. She could not even park in her driveway.

Her downstairs shower and floors all had to be ripped out. She and her husband actually had to kayak through their basement to clean up.

Today, water is just covering her dock, but she says more rain could cause water to get into her house again.

Residents along the Aliceville Lake are used to flooding situations like this.

“It’s always been a struggle for Rivermont, but especially these past two years it’s been getting worse and worse,” said Judson Stanfill, resident.

One silver lining to the flooding is that it’s bringing the community together.

Stanfill said last year, neighbors rallied together to help, from house repairs to cooking meals for those unable.

“Especially after the flood last year, we had people that weren’t affected going to people’s houses and helping,” Stanfill said. “We’re spraying for mold and rip up their floor and their walls and everything to fix their houses up.”

Residents are expecting similar damages to happen tonight and throughout the week, but one thing is for sure: they will help each other no matter what.

“I wouldn’t wanna live in any other community than Rivermont,” Stanfill said. “This is the best community in Pickens County.”

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