Willowbrook Northport Flooding

Unless you live on a body of water, you’re probably not accustomed to rushing currents at your doorstep, but that’s the reality for residents in one Northport neighborhood after each heavy rainfall.

Things were no different when about 3 inches of rain poured into West Alabama over the weekend into Monday, leaving the Willowbrook Mobile Home Park flooded with more than a foot of water in some spots.

This morning was the first time many Willowbrook residents said they could step outside their homes since the weekend because of the high floodwaters.

Residents said the front of the park has always been susceptible to flooding and lies in a flood zone.

Northport Mayor Donna Aaron and Northport City Council President Jay Logan said since the neighborhood is on private property, the city is limited on what it can do to fix the issue.

Just last year, Northport replaced the bridge on Hunter Creek Road just in front of Willowbrook over safety concerns. The move helped with the flooding, but residents said they’re still having problems.

“It’s very discouraging,” said resident John Davis. “Some people had to have boats last time to get out of the house.”

Dwight Woods agreed.

“Just in case of emergency, I would think (the neighborhood) would have another road or way out,” he said. “Because people have health problems and people have to get back and forth to work. They have no way out. They have to sit and wait for the water to recede before they can get out.”

Aaron said any modifications to the land itself is up to the property owner.

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