Residents concerned over coyote sightings in Moundville

Coyotes are a fact of life for Alabamians who live in rural areas, but sometimes they wander into neighborhoods and other populated areas looking for food.

That’s what’s happening in Moundville, said resident Connie Frye, and she’s worried a hungry coyote seen on one of her cameras could attack her Yorkies or herself if she goes outside at the wrong time.

“It is very concerning when I have to take them out at night to go to the bathroom,” Frye said. “Usually, I put them on leashes so I will have more control because they do like to run and play. I am just scared to go to (my) back fence. That is where we have seen that coyote before, and so it is real concerning.”

Anyone concerned about coyotes in their neighborhood should take extra precautions, including:

  • Keep cats inside
  • Supervise small dogs any time they’re outside
  • Secure your food waste and avoid leaving dog or cat food outside in an accessible area
  • Do not feed area wildlife, as wildlife will attract coyotes

If you see a coyote regularly in your neighborhood, especially during daylight hours, you can report it to your local police department or Alabama Cooperative Extension Office.

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