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New research shows coronavirus may spread through talking or simply just breathing.

Initial studies revealed the virus spreads through cough- and sneeze-induced droplets. It is unknown how long the virus can linger in the air, but Thomas Weida, the chief medical officer at the University of Alabama Medical Center, said he’s seen airborne coronavirus particles stay alive for two to six hours, so catching it through the air is possible, but not probable.

“Say the virus is circulating in the air from just somebody just having breathed in a room, while if that room is very tightly sealed, that virus will still stay there in a more concentrated amount which would increase the possibility or probability of somebody picking that virus up,” Weida said. “On the other hand, say that room had a fair amount of circulation. It would dilute the virus, so there would be less chance of inhaling  a virus particle.”

Weida said it’s important not to get caught up in fearing you’ll contract the virus from simply breathing in air. Viruses like the coronavirus are predominantly transferred from hand to mouth.

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