Reporting by WVUA 23’s Samantha Fisher

Republican candidates for Alabama’s U.S. Senate seat were in Tuscaloosa Thursday.

The event, sponsored by Bama Carry, allowed the candidates to spend time with voters. Candidates came out to share their perspectives on various topics, including red flag laws, health care and ways in which they hope to make a difference if they are elected.

“It’s not just about these bills and those bills and that thing,” candidate Arnold Mooney said. “It’s about the foundational values that have made this nation. We’re facing a very difficult century and we need to be standing on solid ground.”

Bama Carry organized the event and welcomed all of the candidates to come and share their ideas with the public. The event was held at New Beginning Family Worship Center in Northport. Bama Carry is a group whose main focus is about the constitutional interpretation of the 2nd Amendment right to bear arms.

“We’ve got division in this country and in the Congress that I think’s hurting the country,” candidate Bradley Byrne said. “And it’s because we’ve got people who want to take us away from who we are. They want to take us away from the first principles of this country and we need people in Washington who are going to stand up and fight back against that.”

The candidates who came out tonight were Mooney, Byrne, Stanley Adair and Roy Moore. Approximately 50 people were in attendance. These candidates had the opportunity to interact with constituents before taking the stage to answer questions that people wrote down anonymously ahead of time.

“I’ve been talking all over the state of Alabama and it’s very important that we vet the candidates to make sure we know the issues,” Adair said. “Just because we’re running doesn’t mean you know who we are.”

“Well, it’s very important to get around and meet people and let them know what you stand for, why you stand for it, and I think this is very important to understand about the Constitution of the United States,” Moore added.

Jeff Sessions and Tommy Tuberville are also on the republican ticket for U.S. Senate, but they did not show up for the event. Whoever wins on the Republican ticket will face Democrat Doug Jones in the general election.

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