Republican Ivey poised for re-election as Alabama governor

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Associated Press

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (AP) – Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey is poised to win a second full term against Democrat Yolanda Flowers, the first Black woman to win a major party’s gubernatorial nomination in the state.

Flowers’ candidacy is an interesting historical footnote. But it may not pose a real threat to the GOP’s control of all three branches of government in a majority white, conservative state.

The only real question Tuesday appears to be what will the size of Ivey’s victory be.

The three-way race includes Flowers, an educator and political unknown, and Libertarian Jimmy Blake, a former Birmingham City Council member.

Ivey became governor in 2017 after the resignation of Robert Bentley and won her first full term in 2018.

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11/8/2022 7:34:23 AM (GMT -6:00)

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