Report: Much of West Alabama lacking in maternity care

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Millions of women in the U.S. live in what’s considered a maternity care desert, and West Alabama is no exception.

These deserts happen when women can’t get appropriate medical care because they don’t live close to a hospital, birth center or OBGYNs.

Without easy access to quality care, it’s harder to treat pregnancy complications, putting mom and baby at risk.

According to the latest March of Dimes report, about 36% of counties in the U.S. are maternity care deserts, and rural areas are the most lacking in resources.

In West Alabama:

  • Full access to maternity care: Fayette, Jefferson, Shelby, Tuscaloosa, Walker counties
  • Low access to maternity care: Bibb County
  • No access to maternity care: Greene, Hale, Lamar, Pickens counties
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