Reminder: Lock your doors


By WVUA 23 News Reporter Gracie Johnson

Northport Police are reminding residents to lock their doors because it’s a lot easier to open a door, waltz in and steal what’s inside than kicking in a door or breaking open a window.

Northport Assistant Police Chief Keith Carpenter said the city had 10 reported car burglaries in August, but that’s average for this time of year.

“Of those (burglaries), probably eight of them were unlocked vehicles to where they walked up to it, opened the door and went through the vehicle,” Carpenter said.

There’s no way to stop burglars from breaking a window, but the easiest way to deter someone from getting in your car is locking it.

“If you have valuables in it, whether it be purses, computers, firearms, take them out or hide them in the vehicle where they’re not easily viewed,” said Carpenter.

Carpenter said it’s important that burglary victims report the incident to law enforcement, even if nothing of value was taken.

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