Shanina Williams

Family and friends are in mourning in the wake of a young mother’s life cut short over the weekend.

Shanina Smith, 25, of Greensboro was killed Sunday evening at her Lear Corporation job by a co-worker, leaving her son without his mother, her fiance without his future bride and her family devastated.

“She said ‘I’ll see you in the morning, Ma.’ I said ‘I’ll see you when you get off from work, Shae,’ ” said Smith’s mother, Regina Smith.

That was the last time she’d ever see her daughter alive.

The shooting happened around 8:30 p.m., while Smith and the woman accused of killing her were working on the line at Lear. Angela Nichole Mayo, 28, turned herself in and was taken to the Tuscaloosa County Jail around 2 a.m. Monday. She’s charged with murder in Smith’s death.

Investigators said the shooting appears to have stemmed from a history of disagreements, but Smith’s mother said she can’t believe her daughter would have done anything deserving of what happened.

“I would ask (the shooter) why she killed my baby,” Smith said. “What did she do to you? I want to know.”

According to a deposition filed Monday, Mayo told investigators she shot Smith because she “brushed up against her” and had been “picking on her” for eight months at work. Mayo admitted she shot Smith several times, stood over her body and shot her again.

“This was shocking news to me,” Smith said. “She didn’t bother anybody. She didn’t get into it with anybody. She just went to work and back home.”

Smith’s family will never be whole again, but they’re putting their hearts and hands together to give her son the life his mother would be proud of.

“She will be missed,” Smith said. “Very, very missed.”

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