Crabtree Road Homicide

Over the weekend, a domestic violence situation escalated into Tuscaloosa County’s first murder in 2019, claiming the life of 38-year-old Keisha Caddell. But her family doesn’t want her death remembered more than the life she lived.

“She was just a good person, you know I don’t think there’s anybody that I know can really say that they hated Keisha cause whatever she could do to help you she would always go that extra mile for you.” the victim’s mother Anita Caddell-Curry said.

Caddell’s body was discovered by Tuscaloosa County Sheriff deputies around 5:45 p.m. on Feb. 2 inside her mobile home on Crabtree Road. Investigators said it appeared that she had been shot to death.

Shortly after she was killed, Caddell’s ex-boyfriend Korrie Donell Robinson claimed responsibility for her murder and turned himself in to authorities.

“Why didn’t he just walk away, you know, there was no reason,” Caddell-Curry said. “It was senseless.”

Caddell’s oldest son Jhalen Caddell said that his relationship with his mother was newly strengthened before she was taken so unexpectedly.

“She started texting me every day, you know, saying she wanted to eat lunch with me and it just felt good, you know what I’m saying,” Jhalen said. “And I’ll never forget that, that’s nothing I can’t forget.”

Now, Caddell’s family is choosing not to talk about how she was taken, but how she’ll be remembered. The family also wants to do whatever they can to keep others from having to go through this senseless pain.

“If you feel that you are going through this, get some help,” Caddell-Curry said. “Call somebody, because I never, never dreamed of having to bury my baby.”

Keisha Caddell leaves behind three children. Her funeral will be held on Saturday, Feb. 4 at Trinity Baptist Church in Tuscaloosa.

Robinson remains in the Tuscaloosa County Jail on a $150,000 bond.

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